About Our Firm

There are a lot of CPAs out there vying for your business.† Most seem to offer a similar menu of services with the most notable difference being price.† With all of these choices why would you want to work with us?

Simply because your business matters to us.† In July 1998 Nick left a comfortable position at a local CPA firm to build a boutique practice that was comprised of clients who he enjoyed working with.† The focus was providing top rate service at a reasonable cost and reliance on quality service.† Since 1991 this concept has proven to be a success.† We can look through our client list and see names that have been in our file cabinet since the early 1990s.† Itís extremely satisfying to realize that we are not the only ones who value customer service and the benefit that comes from the relationships that have developed over the years Ė we know our clients and they know us.† During the Holidays we receive as many pictures of our clientís children as we send out, and we appreciate each and every one for the idea it represents.

In the office we are advocates for our clients, and enjoy being the first call resource for tax, business advisory and financial decisions.† In the advisor role we work closely with business managers and individual taxpayers to choose a path that is based on need and risk tolerance.† Our goal is to work with you and not around you, this means we discuss issues instead of dictating.

One of our key office policies is to return calls and e-mail questions within twenty-four hours.† Very often, messages (if you canít get in touch with one of us directly) are returned much quicker.

We understand our role in our clientís business and know that their success is also ours.† These ideas are also included in our mission statement which I encourage you to read.† We are very proud of that document and continue to use it as a steering vehicle for the growth of our practice.

If this sounds like the type of CPA firm you are looking for, call us.† We welcome your business and appreciate the opportunity to work with you.