Our Mission

The CPA has long been branded as a drab figure hunched over dusty books, a green eyeshade covering his eyes as he pours over endless lists of numbers. The world is continuously changing, and with it the nature of the profession has also changed. CPAs are no longer simple accountants; they are diverse business advisers who bring skills and training from outside the box to guide the strategic decisions of those who are inside it. Our business, established from this vision seeks to bring the necessary business enhancing skills to those organizations and individuals operating in today’s business environment.

Our goal is to provide you and your company with the advice and accounting services you need to survive in today’s demanding financial climate. Our active involvement in several premier CPA trade associations ensures our exposure to the latest emerging issues and industry technology. We complement this by maintaining a high number of continuing education hours and through the industry committees on which we participate. These commitments help us maintain our position on the cutting edge of the latest tax, accounting and profitability trends, while exposing us to peers who bring a world of diversified experiences to the discussion table.

In order to enhance the talent inside our office walls we maintain a close knit group of outside human resources. These members of complementing service industries bring us the resources to deliver the solutions that clients need. This group of teammates is available to answer questions and offer opposing viewpoints, enabling us to fully analyze advanced problems quickly and efficiently. Their participation gives us the ability to offer "one-stop shopping," where clients are able to fulfill all of their business and financial needs by utilizing our collective services. Further, our size enables us to remain flexible and to provide you with prompt, personalized service, while accessing expertise in other areas, as needed.

To enhance our flexibility and responsiveness, we maintain various forms of communication, both traditional and internet based. A client contacts us for advice, and sometimes help. We know speed is of the essence, so we attempt to return communications as soon as possible, when answers are most effective.

Our efficiency and timeliness are assisted by our tools. By equipping ourselves and our staff with the latest in computer and office equipment, we avoid the inefficiencies associated with lagging behind mainstream technologies. We maintain a library of current research materials, technical manuals and other on-line and traditional media. These provide us with the details to support a conclusion, or give us the guidance on which we base our opinions.

Because CPAs are privy to a wide range of personal and financial information, we develop more than just business relationships with our clients; we become trusted advisers, and very often, friends. This close relationship results in a personal and professional investment in you and your business. We strive to work with you to attain a success which ultimately benefits us both. We work as part of your team, operating with your business, and not around it, with the knowledge that your success benefits us both.

As the accounting profession continues to evolve, so will we. As times and perspectives change we review this mission statement and update it as needed, to ensure our vision of an accounting firm that is, in its versatility, efficiency, and responsiveness, on the cutting edge of the accounting profession.