How the Process Works

Once you have become a client here we will start by requesting a copy of your prior year tax returns, whether these were prepared by another CPA or you. We give these a once over partly to make sure there aren't any major issues, but mostly so we can familarize ourselves with your unique tax situation. If we discover any issues that should be corrected we will contact you to discuss the issue further.

Once we've gone through your prior year returns we will prepare a tax organizer package and send that out to you in early January with instructions, an engagement letter and a return envelope. The organizer is something clients either love or hate. Engineers generally love it, creatives hate it with everyone else in falling somewhere in between. The organizer is comprised of three parts; questions section, contact information, and reporting.

We generally don't have annual client interviews for returning clients unless something unusual went on. Instead we rely on the questions section of the organizer to address the more common issues but returning clients know to call or email with any issues that need to be discussed. The questions consist of 30 or so yes or no inquiries that ar modified annually for tax changes. We require clients to complete at least the questions section and update the contact information before returning the organizer along with any tax documents needed to support their tax positions.

While some clients complete the reporting section, most do the basics and leave the rest up to us. In the reporting pages you will find sections for the various types of income, expenses, stock transactions, vehicle expenses, itemized deductions and any other activity that you had in a prior year. Most sections have your prior year information to use as a guide. For example, if you worked at ABC Company last year there will be a space on the current organizer to input your ABC Company W-2 income.

The completed tax organizer becomes an integral part of your file and we will check and complete all sections, supporting these with copies of source documents and any case notes.

Complete the organizer and send it back. My office manager will contact you to confirm the safe receipt of your package. We will contact you by email with any questions that we came up with or requests for missing tax support. We will generally have your returns done within two weeks. We will try to complete all returns by April 15th unless we receive your organizer after March 31 or we are unable to answer any open items by that date. If we can't complete your return we will prepare the proper extensions and notify you of any balances we estimate are due.

Once your returns are completed they will be returned to you by mail. The package will generally include your eFile authorization forms with return envelope, an invoice, a copy of your tax return and any source documents and supporting information required to prepare your returns. We now offer the option to have a .pdf copy of your returns instead of paper. If you elect this option we will forward that password protected copy to you once the returns are completed.

We are also offering the opportunity to pay your invoice by Paypal. The standard method of payment is personal or business check if applicable.